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Who can submit?

Submissions are open to all children/youth (ages 4-18), and/or students in elementary school and high school.

What is the deadline for submissions?

March 31, 2021

Why should I submit?

Sharing your COVID-19 story, experience and what you have learned can help other youth who are going through something similar. And you get a $5 Tim Hortons Gift Card too!


How do I get my Tim Hortons Card?

You can select to receive your Tim Horton’s card either digitally or by mail.  Upon the receipt of your qualifying submission, your Tim’s card will be forwarded to you by the method you chose. For digital cards, we will send the card to the email used in the submission.  For those who choose by mail, cards will be sent to the address provided. 


What is a qualifying submission?

A qualifying submission is a short video, piece of artwork, photo, poem, and/or words that reflect one of the themes of the initiative. Submissions that include profanity, racial slurs, sexual content, hate speech, violence, criminal behaviour or anything else deemed inappropriate will be disqualified. Disqualified submissions will not receive the $5 Tim Card.


What kind of submissions are you looking for?

How everyone copes with change and their mental well-being can be unique to them.  We encourage you to create one of the following and submit for use in this mental health initiative.

  • A video.  A short video (maximum 2 minutes) that can include you talking or performing, Claymation, animation etc.

  • A piece of art.  You can use any media you like – create your piece and send us a picture of the art as your submission with a little write up on the piece, if you choose – include the media used and the inspiration for your piece. *write-up is optional.

  • Music/song.  You can submit an original song or musical arrangement (either played on video or an audio file).  Include the instrument(s) used in the piece and the inspiration for your submission.

  • Poetry. You can submit an original poem (presented in video or just the word document).

  • Quote/Words – You can also submit a quote or words that help you too.  Please include who said the quote in your submission and how it applies to coping/maintaining your mental health.  This can be presented artistically or in plain written text. 


We welcome any creative expression (even if it isn’t listed above)

What are the themes?

You can pick one or more of the following for inspiration.

  • Let’s share the good… we know COVID-19 sucks but is there anything new or good that has come of it?  Is there anything you want to hold on to and keep doing that you weren’t doing before?

  • It’s not the same, but… Almost everything has changed this past year. Tell us about what it was like before COVID-19, what is looks like now and what has helped you cope with the change. 

  • Mental health matters… Tell us about a mental health strategy that has worked for you and why mental health matters, especially for you, during this time.


What are you doing with the submissions?

Submissions received will be used to form resources for the children and youth in our community – COVID Lessons created for kids by kids and shared in various social media posts, community videos and other ways to help reach the children and youth in our community in need of ideas and inspiration during this time. We thank the children and youth in our community for taking the time to create their submissions and share them with us.  It will make a difference in the lives of the children and youth of Dufferin/Caledon. For more information about the Hills of Headwaters Collaborative Children and Youth Mental Health and Addictions sub-committee and project, click here


How do I submit?

For more technical instructions, see the HOW TO SUBMIT A FILE.

How will I know if you pick my piece?

All qualifying submissions will be featured in the GALLERY section of the website. 

Uploading my file is not working, what can I do?

We are sorry to hear that you are having technical difficulties - one thing to check is the size and type of your video file.  We can not accept files that are larger than 1GB so please make sure the file size meets the requirements.  Also, submissions must be word documents, video files, audio files and images only.  

I can't upload a file, can I hand it in anywhere?

If you wish  to hand in your non-video submission,  you can drop off your art, poetry, quote, sheet music in person at 655 Riddell Road, Orangeville Ontario L9W4Z5 from 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.  Please note: you will need to print and drop off the SUBMISSION CONSENT FORM and include it with the project.  Without the Submission Consent Form, we will not be able to use your submission or send you the $5 Tim's Card.

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