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It was 2020 March Break,

and we all had our plans.

But then we found out,

It was out of our hands.


Come back home!

You need to stay!

Don't get stranded!

Gotta keep COVID away!


March, April through to December, 

we stayed at home.

What a year to remember!

No graduations, no birthdays, no weddings or events.

But we understood why,

it was for our grandparents.


We sanitized, wore masks, distanced and closed shops.

We did it for our friends, neighbours, our moms and our pops.


Never did we imagine,

this would be our lives.

To be stung by this COVID, 

like bees disturbed from their hives.


Scrounging for toilet paper,

and kids learning online.

Wiping down groceries, 

adults drinking lots of wine.


Netflix bingeing, zoom calls and the same four walls each day.

So many amazon deliveries, you had to hide some away.


Hopping in the car and just driving aimlessly about.

Nowhere to go to, no destination, just an excuse to get out.


No haircuts, no gyms, no manicures, no church.

No theatres, no dining in, no bars and no sports.


Our world as we know it got flipped upside down.

To keep others safe, we stayed in our homes, we stayed in our town.


Day in and day out, it seemed like a blur.

And though most are still standing, not everyone, that's for sure.


Working from home, everything from home and nobody coming to visit.

We missed people, vacations and wondered... Is this it?


But no, we had HOPE! This too will pass.

And vaccines were developed, for the people en masse.


We stuck it out together, and the end was in sight. Thanks to frontline and essential workers, and to all who kept up the fight.

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