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Dear Coronavirus, 


Through all the masks and shields

You still manage to build up


I don’t think it's isolation.

I think it's just looking around.

Seeing that I have all I need.

Family to love and surround me.

Friends to miss, but still see. 


I don't like you I never will; 

But someday I will look back and remember you,

I wish I won't but I will.


The hospitals are full and we can't see anyone

Because of you


We can’t breath 

Because of you


I see despair everywhere

Because of you!


I'm so angry at you, get away

I want a divorce 

I want you gone

When you die I won't visit 

I wont say goodbye


What you feel like is, me trying to walk on glass,

 me trying to walk on a tightrope but I know I will fall. … 


When this is over I will move on

But i’ll still have you haunting me 

But life isn't like that,

I will try to conquer.


Sincerely Karis,

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