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What is the COVID Lessons…kid2kid project?

In March 2021, The Hills of Headwaters Collaborative CYMHA Sub-Committee issued a call to action asking the kids in our community to share their stories, their experiences and what they have learned about themselves and mental well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic. The response was wonderful!  With their amazing submissions, we have created the COVID Lessons...kid2kid Video Series! This video series features short videos targeted to help children, youth and their families find some inspiration and ideas on what they can do to help cope with the stress and frustrations brought on by this pandemic.


Can I share the videos with others?

YES!  We would love it!  Check out our YouTube channel - Hills of Headwaters CYMHA



When did the call to action campaign run?

The call to action campaign ran throughout the month of March 2021.  Submissions were open to all children/youth (ages 4-18), and/or students in elementary school and high school.

Is it too late to provide a submission?

We would be happy to receive your submission and include it in our gallery.  To submit, click here.


I provided a submission, where can I find it on your website?

All submissions are featured in the GALLERY section of the website.  We received so many great submission that we created a gallery for each type. To find your submission, select the type of submission you sent in (video, artwork, photos, poetry) and scroll through to find your submission.

I provided a submission and didn’t get my Tim Horton’s Card – what can I do?

We are sorry you didn’t get your card.  All cards have been sent out either via mail or email. 

If you selected mail, it is expected that all mailed cards should arrive no later than April 30, 2021. If you selected email, cards were sent electronically to the email provided on the submission google form.  Please check your spam/junk folder to see if the email was sent there. If you have not received your card, please click here.

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