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Self Isolation


14 days inside, 

No space, no air 

No connecting with friends, 

No shopping, no fair 

No going out to dinner, no library games 

No family gatherings, no watching the Jays

Bored and alone, nothing to mention

Walls closing in, feels like detention.

Not my desk but my room

Hoping I’ll get out of here soon


Stuck in one spot for hours on end,

Attempting to adjust to being locked in

Told to stay in this place, masks covering smiles

Visitors waving through windows, making small distances miles 

This time of frustration will come to an end

Back to our comfort, our patterns, our routines and our trends

Take a deep breath, we’ll soon be free

Sit tight and make the most of this time with family


Outside walks, backyard fun

Board games with family, tanning in the sun

Connecting through FaceTime with

 All your loved ones

Baking with siblings enjoying the buns

We are in this together Peace will overcome

Reminding myself that God has a plan

 for now I’ll stay home, do the best that I can,

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